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January 17, 2008

I OBJECT to this sneaky word “gaming” used in Indian TV spots.

What is involved is GAMBLING  which can involve betting your life savings,

or your week’s pay, or your mortgage payment at the betting tables,  where the odds

are you can and probably will, LOSE that money.  Making your children go hungry,

get thrown out of your house, lose your car or medical payments,etc. The Indians

want us to see gambling as “gaming” as if it were not serious when it is extremely

serious. Gambling is not OK, and calling it “gaming” does not make it more OK.

The fact that “Indians” run the shows, does not make it more OK.  The fact that the state

make more of a cut from it  also does not make it OK.  Gambling and gaming  are equally

bad. BOTH should be banned.

Jon-Erik Beckjord, Pundit



December 27, 2007


OPEN UP THE DARWIN AWARDS. On xmas day, three morons went to the zoo, and two apparently linked arms with the third, who stood between the fence and the actual edge of the tiger pit, and threw down pine cones and sticks to harass the tiger. The tiger, fully justified, leaped up and grabbed onto the third moron, and the other two pulled up both tiger and the third moron. The tiger then killed the teasing idiot, and scratched the other two, who retreated 300 yards it is said. However, the tiger followed the blood trail and was about to kill the other two morons, when police shot the tiger with their pistols. A total waste of a good tiger’s life.

The weeping parents were shown on tv . I weep for the tiger. There is a basic rule in zoos –


Note: it is unclear which guy helped  the other(s) and which provoked the tiger.

But it was not the tiger’s fault, either way. She was doing what tigers do.

Jon-Erik Beckjord, MBA, Mensa Member

MOVIE REVIEW – 3:10 TO Yuma – bad ending

December 1, 2007

While the movie has lots of action, and Russell Crowe is great, the ending

leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Our “Willing suspension of disbelief” is violated when the gang leader identifies with his captor so much (Stockholm Syndrome) that when he gets free, he SHOOTS HIS OWN GANG that got him free and then jumps on the train and surrenders his guns, and walks behind bars as the train leaves. Surrrrrrre….this is contrary to all common sense. Then the director blows it further when the gang leader (Crowe) whistles to his horse to follow the train at the ending credits,hinting an if he does, where is his gang? –Dead.

Yuck and phooey.

Jon-Erik Beckjord


December 1, 2007

In honor of the teacher in the Sudan who was sentenced to 15 days in jail

for letting her class name a teddy bear Muhammed , I hereby declare 


WEEK. Buy a teddy bear, name it Muhammed and put it on your mantel, or rename

existing teddy bears with the new name.

 There is no evidence “Allah” exists,  nor that Muhammed was a prophet  of a real,

existing God.


You can also name your teddy Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, etc.  Any true God will not care.


Jon-Erik Beckjord, agnostic.


November 18, 2007

In Sept, I held an expedition to the Sierras with a person I knew,(who dropped out at last minute) and with another that had told me that she had had many mental-hold arrests and was suicidal, even a former crack addict. She came from Happy Camp,CA, and I wanted to test whether a psychotic person would attract Bigfoot. (She did). However, she freaked out twice, and did 6 hrs of 110 decibel screaming, and hit me with a shovel. I left to protect myself, and she later claimed I had had hit her many times with a heavy, 3 cell, police flashlight weighing 3 lbs. At Jackson Hospital they found no marks and no bruises, and the police dismissed her claims. I never touched her. Later, other people she knew tipped me off that in the 70s, she had killed her own father and got off by an insanity plea. In Coalinga, CA. She revealed to me his name. Thomas Raymond B*ker.

She is now persisting in raving on her website in all CAPS letters, that I had hit her many times. There were no bruises then, nor now, except in her mind. I never touched her, I repeat. She has four kids, is divorced, and lost the kids. She lives in Happy Camp,CA and is 45, and her name is Tara B*ker H*uki. Not a good person to go camping with.

Jon-Erik Beckjord 925-385-0422