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December 30, 2007

This film may be well-acted, but it is very UNPLEASANT.


It is long, and nasty, and has few nice moments. Our hero was caught scr*wing

an older sister, by the younger sister, who then  may or may not have faked

having sex with the man, causing him to be arrested (where were the lawyers?)

for underage sex. He then accepted a deal to go in the Brit. army in lieu of staying in jail,

(bad choice). Much of the film is about Dunkirk and much misery. I walked out.

It was NOT FUN.  Arms and legs getting chopped off, etc.

DO NOT SEE IT.  Unless you are atoning for some sin.

Jon-Erik Beckjord



December 27, 2007


OPEN UP THE DARWIN AWARDS. On xmas day, three morons went to the zoo, and two apparently linked arms with the third, who stood between the fence and the actual edge of the tiger pit, and threw down pine cones and sticks to harass the tiger. The tiger, fully justified, leaped up and grabbed onto the third moron, and the other two pulled up both tiger and the third moron. The tiger then killed the teasing idiot, and scratched the other two, who retreated 300 yards it is said. However, the tiger followed the blood trail and was about to kill the other two morons, when police shot the tiger with their pistols. A total waste of a good tiger’s life.

The weeping parents were shown on tv . I weep for the tiger. There is a basic rule in zoos –


Note: it is unclear which guy helped  the other(s) and which provoked the tiger.

But it was not the tiger’s fault, either way. She was doing what tigers do.

Jon-Erik Beckjord, MBA, Mensa Member


November 18, 2007

In Sept, I held an expedition to the Sierras with a person I knew,(who dropped out at last minute) and with another that had told me that she had had many mental-hold arrests and was suicidal, even a former crack addict. She came from Happy Camp,CA, and I wanted to test whether a psychotic person would attract Bigfoot. (She did). However, she freaked out twice, and did 6 hrs of 110 decibel screaming, and hit me with a shovel. I left to protect myself, and she later claimed I had had hit her many times with a heavy, 3 cell, police flashlight weighing 3 lbs. At Jackson Hospital they found no marks and no bruises, and the police dismissed her claims. I never touched her. Later, other people she knew tipped me off that in the 70s, she had killed her own father and got off by an insanity plea. In Coalinga, CA. She revealed to me his name. Thomas Raymond B*ker.

She is now persisting in raving on her website in all CAPS letters, that I had hit her many times. There were no bruises then, nor now, except in her mind. I never touched her, I repeat. She has four kids, is divorced, and lost the kids. She lives in Happy Camp,CA and is 45, and her name is Tara B*ker H*uki. Not a good person to go camping with.

Jon-Erik Beckjord 925-385-0422


June 25, 2007

GAZA,  run by Hamas , now a _defacto _  “Second Palestine”, is unlikely ever to reunite  with the West Bank, run by  Fatah, and  very unlikely to take over Israel and “drive all Jews into the sea”, faces ruin by  excess population.

Gaza has about 140 sq miles of land and 1.4 million people, or about 10,000 people per sq mile.

(NYC has 26,000 per sq mile, but does not need farms.)

It is now time to enforce mandatory birth control on all Gaza residents, similar to the Chinese laws that limit children per family to  one or two, depending on location. There is no morem land for Gaza, it will never take over Israel, Egypt does not want it and it will simply fester and explode.  Mandatory birth control is an idea whose time has come.

                        Jon-Erik Beckjord, MBA

The TIP of the ICEBERG Rule

June 2, 2007

Here it  is:  

            Most of an iceberg is underwater. Common knowledge. Maybe 10% shows  above water.

In human society I find that if  several people complain or raise an issue,  say 10, that another 100

would like to, but do not know where to write or call, or else are too timid to speak out, but they do

agree. So if 100 speak out, 100,000 agree.  If 100,000, then 1,000,000   etc.

                                               If the train air is too hot, and ten say so, then another 100 or so, agree. 

                                                  Jon-Erik Beckjord, MBA, social critic


Parents who let kids raise hell in restraurants

May 18, 2007

Modern American parents have a horrible attitude that their kid can do anything they want in public, such as in restaurants and theatres,  “just because they’re only a kid”.

They let them go BANG,BANG,BANG!  on a plate or table with as spoon, kick racks under the table, cry, scream and yell,  because “He’s only a kid”.

First, they should not even bring the kid to a restaurant, at all, and if they do, they are obligated to shut the kid up and make him behave.

Adults control  their kid, or should do so,so as to not annoy other diners in the establishment who after all, came to eat in peace and quiet.

I was raised part of the time in Euope, and there, kids obey parents and are not

allowed to annoy other people.

Methods – if the parents will not follow your request to stop the kid, then tell the waiter there will be  a higher tip of he can stop the kid. (If he does not, give no tip).

Tell the owner you will not return if the kid is not stopped.

Or, pull out muting earphones you may have with you in a bag. Works VERY well on  airliners where then parent refuses to “take the kid outside”.  (Also works well on blocking cell-phone users.)

Before I discovered the muffs used by jet engine mechanics, I once passed a note to a father asking him to silence his kid. As he disembarked, he raged at me, saying he had a right to inflict his child on the rest of us in steerage, and said “What am I supposed to do?”   I answered – TAKE THE BUS !  (or ocean liner, as the case may be.)

To all, be bold, be firm, be polite, and demand the parent stop his noisy child.

What they do is NOT ok. 

              Blogger extraordinaire,  Jon-Erik Beckjord,MBA- UC Berkeley


May 1, 2007

Not politically correct, but let’s NOT rebuild New Orleans.

I used to live there, and I always thought “Why are all these people living below sea level ??”

If we rebuild it, it will just happen  all over again. Levees will break, and the water will pour in all over again.

Let’s just rebuild only  those sections that are above sea level.

And this is not a white-black thing. Just common sense.

                      Jon-Erik Beckjord, MBA, Urban Planning Consultant