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September 11, 2007

AS SOON AS WE (FINALLY) withdraw,  in 2-5 years, and actually leave 100%,

the insurgents, the Sunnis, the Shiites , those backed by Iran, Al Qeada,  and all the rest will

pop out of their holes and go at it ALL OVER AGAIN.  WHOM ARE WE FOOLING BESIDES OURSELVES?

THE MIDDLE EAST IS AN ENDLESS STEW OF VIOLENCE.  GET OUT NOW, AND BRING OUR SUPPORTERS WITH US. too many tribes, versions of Islam,  to ever be a democracy.

JON-ERIK BECKJORD ,  PUNDIT.   925-385-0422



August 27, 2007
Simple –  give every Iraqi family an air ticket and green cards for each time they betray insurgents.Bring them home with us!

Half the country will betray and come here.

THIS REALLY, REALLY WILL WORK!!!  They want MacDonalds and blue jeans. Most of the world does.


Someone tell POTUS.

                                                 Jon-Erik Beckjord,MBA, Mensa member   925-385-0422


May 6, 2007

Crime is mostly  nil….

You do not shoot up a class or a bar where you KNOW everyone can shoot you dead.

Would you ROB a man carrying a gun?

Hell no!

Lots of dumb people out there reading….


Cho was “Martyr for the Meek” – Pro-Islam, Korean, inarticulate

April 19, 2007

Cho in Blacksburg, has “Ismail”  or AX Ismail,  on his arm, which is A X Ishmael,

son of Abraham, founder of 12 tribes in Arabia, and pre-phrophet of Islam, respected by


“A” can be Anti-Christ or Anti-Christian, and the X can be from the Greek, Christos,

so Anti-Christos or anti-Christians.

In Cho’s mind the rich kids who could afford to go to the university, were white,

rich, had gold chains, drank fine brandy, had hot cars, and were Christians, not Muslims,

and not asian. (Even though whites founded this country…).

In his warped mind, he became a MARTYR FOR THE MEEK,  striking back at self-perceived  discrimination.

Of course, he never talked to fellow Koreans, nor Muslims.  Insanity led to massacre.

In all colleges, withdrawn weirdos should be required to take tests and counselling.

This smacks of Big Brother, but we need to weed out potential Chos.

                                           Jon-Erik Beckjord,BA sociology Tulane, MBA UC Berkeley


CHO USED NAME ISHMAEL – FOUNDER OF ISLAM – now you know the why.

April 19, 2007

He had on his skin, a tattoo saying “A Ishmael,  or “A (second letter) Ishmael,”

and his package to NBC had name Ishmael on it.

What does this mean?

Biblical Ishmael was first son of Abraham, and went on to found the tribes of Arabia

with his 12 sons. Islamic writers view him as one of the pre-cursors to Mohammed,

and thus one of the founders of Islam.

On campus ., Muslims are a minority and in the country, and Cho was a minority, asian,

and in his video ramblings, he rants against the rich kids (who take German) for putting him down, (even though none ever said anything to him) and he is taking the side of the

MEEK, and striking back at the rich, white, majority.

Thus we have paranoia, insanity, racisim, and  religious bias.

Cho strikes out on the side of the MEEK and the discriminated-against.

And 30 students die.

And the A ?  Anti Christ, says Brian Sussman, KSFO.

                                               Jon-Erik Beckjord, MBA, BA honors, sociology

                                                  925-385-0422  media calls.

ps also Moby Dick starts out “Call me Ishmael…”  and what did Ahab (arabian…)

hunt for? The WHITE WHALE.

So Cho harpooned 30 in German class.

In MOBY DICK, what happened to  Ahab???  He went down with the White Whale.

Cho is Ahab…..