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January 17, 2008

I OBJECT to this sneaky word “gaming” used in Indian TV spots.

What is involved is GAMBLING  which can involve betting your life savings,

or your week’s pay, or your mortgage payment at the betting tables,  where the odds

are you can and probably will, LOSE that money.  Making your children go hungry,

get thrown out of your house, lose your car or medical payments,etc. The Indians

want us to see gambling as “gaming” as if it were not serious when it is extremely

serious. Gambling is not OK, and calling it “gaming” does not make it more OK.

The fact that “Indians” run the shows, does not make it more OK.  The fact that the state

make more of a cut from it  also does not make it OK.  Gambling and gaming  are equally

bad. BOTH should be banned.

Jon-Erik Beckjord, Pundit