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September 11, 2007

AS SOON AS WE (FINALLY) withdraw,  in 2-5 years, and actually leave 100%,

the insurgents, the Sunnis, the Shiites , those backed by Iran, Al Qeada,  and all the rest will

pop out of their holes and go at it ALL OVER AGAIN.  WHOM ARE WE FOOLING BESIDES OURSELVES?

THE MIDDLE EAST IS AN ENDLESS STEW OF VIOLENCE.  GET OUT NOW, AND BRING OUR SUPPORTERS WITH US. too many tribes, versions of Islam,  to ever be a democracy.

JON-ERIK BECKJORD ,  PUNDIT.   925-385-0422


July 20, 2007
tHE Koran says to “Kill all infidels”. We are the infidel.Let us then have Muslim generals in charge.

It may help.

Jon-Erik Beckjord

Anti-War Schooner on SF Bay for minimal funding

June 2, 2007

The Anti-War Schooner Group has plan to obtain a sailing schooner, paint  END THE WAR slogans  on  the hull and sails, and to sail on the SF Bay  with disabled vets aboard.

See the concept at

We have now found a  46 ft  vessel with two masts, sails, and a new diesel engine

and a cold-formed  plex-fibreglas hull, for a mere $25K. A ketch which we will convert to a schooner.

We seek your help to obtain this boat, refit her, repaint her and put her on the Bay.

We accept straight donations or tax-free donations via our umbrella org. which is

a non-profit foundation. If you wish to assist, state whether you need a tax deduction

or not. Contact us at  or  925-385-0422

Or via Paypal —  go to  and use our other email as recipient

     We need to end this war and every counter Bush promo item we can use will help.

Donors will always be welcome aboard.

                                Jon-Erik Beckjord,MBA