GAZA,  run by Hamas , now a _defacto _  “Second Palestine”, is unlikely ever to reunite  with the West Bank, run by  Fatah, and  very unlikely to take over Israel and “drive all Jews into the sea”, faces ruin by  excess population.

Gaza has about 140 sq miles of land and 1.4 million people, or about 10,000 people per sq mile.

(NYC has 26,000 per sq mile, but does not need farms.)

It is now time to enforce mandatory birth control on all Gaza residents, similar to the Chinese laws that limit children per family to  one or two, depending on location. There is no morem land for Gaza, it will never take over Israel, Egypt does not want it and it will simply fester and explode.  Mandatory birth control is an idea whose time has come.

                        Jon-Erik Beckjord, MBA


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