Brian Sussman contols his KSFO radio talk show, and any time someone  gets ahead of him, or beats his logic, which is bad logic,  he cuts them off. So he “wins”.

I challenge Sussman to debate anywhere, anytime, provide a moderator is there. No delete buttons.

Topic – we lost in Iraq, let’s get out.

Same goes for Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity and Bill O’Neil. With O’Neil it will take three moderators to control him.

Call 925-385-0422 to arrange.

                              Jon-Erik Beckjord, MBA UC Berk



  1. Jon Norwood Says:

    I would like to debate you on why wasting your time on this irrational flash in the pan. His days are numbered because he can’t even keep with his screech-queen Melanie Morgan. This whole neo-con-theo-con crap is falling apart and wasting you time on this loser is not worth it.
    Now, Sean Hannity? That would be good because you would have to make it through listening to his jingoistic clap trap and if you could do that you should just be given your MBA right now without any further coursework. You certainly would have earned it.
    Rush? Whatever, irrelevant.
    You covered Bill O’Neil adequately.

    Seems to bother you I have an MBA.

    But I do. Sussman has a radio show and needs to be trashed.


  2. Jon Norwood Says:

    I am not bothered by your MBA – but I am bothered by the fact that you would make a comment like that to somebody who is on your side.

    I stand by my platform of Brian Sussman is a moron.

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  5. Cy Berlowitz Says:

    I worked at KPIX as a writer in ’91-’92, and got to see Sussman first hand. He was a nice enough guy, helped orphans get adopted. But he certainly falls into the airhead category. How KSFO hired him as a talk show host completely escapes. He would know the nuance of a news story if it slapped him in the face. The sad part about it is that his listeners, and Hannity’s like him and want to talk to him. What does that tell you about America.

    Cy Berlowitz

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