Cho was “Martyr for the Meek” – Pro-Islam, Korean, inarticulate

Cho in Blacksburg, has “Ismail”  or AX Ismail,  on his arm, which is A X Ishmael,

son of Abraham, founder of 12 tribes in Arabia, and pre-phrophet of Islam, respected by


“A” can be Anti-Christ or Anti-Christian, and the X can be from the Greek, Christos,

so Anti-Christos or anti-Christians.

In Cho’s mind the rich kids who could afford to go to the university, were white,

rich, had gold chains, drank fine brandy, had hot cars, and were Christians, not Muslims,

and not asian. (Even though whites founded this country…).

In his warped mind, he became a MARTYR FOR THE MEEK,  striking back at self-perceived  discrimination.

Of course, he never talked to fellow Koreans, nor Muslims.  Insanity led to massacre.

In all colleges, withdrawn weirdos should be required to take tests and counselling.

This smacks of Big Brother, but we need to weed out potential Chos.

                                           Jon-Erik Beckjord,BA sociology Tulane, MBA UC Berkeley



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