Blacksburg Massacre-ONE gun in classroom could have stopped Cho.

I’m mad as hell, madder than usual. Cho had a 9mm Glock,  

and a .22 Walther. He had no problem buying either.

All this talk about a “Gun-Free Zone” is purest horse pucky. 


HAD THERE BEEN JUST ONE (1) person with a gun in the class, he could  have taken out

Cho, and saved 30 lives.

Guess what, people, nuts and bad guys DO NOT CARE IF THEY VIOLATE A LICENSE LAW !

There is a case in VA in 2002 at another university,   Appalachian School of Law, Gundy,VA, where a  student, Peter Odighizuwa, shot three professors, and was stopped \when two students took guns from their cars and  took his gun away from hm.

We need more guns on campus, not less.  Would YOU rob a man with a gun? I think not.

In England where it is illegal to own a handgun, crime with guns is growing out of control. Why? decent citizens  have no guns to defend themselves.

In  one town in N.C, where every house is required to have a gun,  crime is almost non-existant.

Let’s have more guns on campus, not less. One in each classroom.

                                                    Jon-Erik Beckjord,MBA


3 Responses to “Blacksburg Massacre-ONE gun in classroom could have stopped Cho.”

  1. Peter N Says:

    Since you have an MBA title, I assume you are an educated person. That is why I am even more suprised that you propose such a ludicrous idea. Let’s have more guns at campus? Yes, let’s have 300 armed Americans walking around like undetonated bombs waiting to go off. Do you really think there would be less shootings if everyone was carrying a gun?

    reply: what is ludicrous is the idea of NO guns available to shoot the shooter.

    Do you REALLY think a shooter cares if guns are “illegal”?

    Reply: not ludicrous at all. In towns where everyone has a gun, crime is nil.

    You seem very dumb.


  2. Dani Says:

    If he couldn’t have bought the gun in the first place, nobody would have needed a gun to stop him.
    I don’t think gun should be banned , but there should be more effective control of who buys them.
    It’s not that a criminal cares if guns are illegal or not, but if they are, it will be harder to get one and many crimes might be prevented. And I don’t think the fact he had “Ismael” or whatever tatooed on his arm means he hated Americans or Christians, because being a Muslim does not mean that. Probably, it’s because he felt denied and excluded, like Ismael when Abraham did not take him as a son.


    Hey stupid, people get guns without permission…. off the street…

    One guy with a gun in class can stop the assh*le who buys a gun illegally.

    You really think Nuts WILL OBEY THE LAWS???



  3. Dani Says:

    Hey, stupid, it’s not about obeying the law. It’s about making it more difficult for a person to get a gun. Killing a person is agaisnt the law and people do it any way., but don’t you think the number of homicides would much higher if it were legal to kill people?
    “stupid” is what you call anyone who disagrees with you?

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